CCI Artisan Relief Fund

Support a craftsperson now.

Save craft skills for the future.

The Coronavirus pandemic and the shutdown of the economy has had a devastating impact on the lives of the country’s artisans and weavers. They are the backbone of the non-farm livelihood sector which is the largest provider of employment, second only to agriculture.

Bereft of avenues of sales of their products due to the lockdown the artisans face large quantities of unsold stock and the harsh prospect of looming hunger.

To tide over this grim crisis the artisanal community urgently needs financial help to manage everyday living, and to prepare for production when the lockdown is eased out or lifted.

The CCI Artisan Relief Fund begun by The Crafts Council of India will be used for sending to artisans and weavers in need of immediate financial assistance towards basic necessities and later provide them with much-needed cash to start production post Covid19.

We look to you as one who understands the importance of handmade in the Indian economy and its standing in the global market. Timely assistance will ensure not only that the artisans and their livelihoods are supported but also that their precious skills are saved.

Donate today to provide a lifeline to a living craft tradition and its makers.

Slabs of Rs.5000 upward will be gratefully received and acknowledged.

All donations will come under 80G IT exemption.

CCI’s Bank details:

The Crafts Council of India
Bank of Baroda
T. Nagar Branch
Chennai 600017
A/c No. 05320200000102
Donors outside India:
The Crafts Council of India 
Bank of Baroda
T Nagar Branch
Chennai 600017
A/c No: 05320100001737
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Please email to: [email protected]
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