The Crafts Council of India responded with urgency and deep commitment to India’s craft artisans hit by the devastation wreaked by the Covid 19 pandemic. As reports of artisans facing hunger, loss of work and markets, desperate poverty and even death came in, along with desperate cries for help. CCI set into motion its multi-pronged strategy of help, succour and rehabilitation. They were helped in their mission by collaborating with civil society organisations. CCI’s help intervention included distribution of dry ration packages to artisan’s families, medicines to combat disease, hospital expenses and monetary help to those in dire need as well as financial aid to small artisan entrepreneurs. Finances for CCI’s help packages were sourced from the CCI Artisan Relief Fund with donations. CCI’s help to artisans is based on a prompt study of the situation and an equally prompt response. Letters of gratitude and thanks from the craft recipients bear testimony to the validity of CCI help.

As the pandemic goes up and down in waves, CCI’s help to needy artisans remains steady and ongoing.