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‘Craftepreneur’: An exhibition of contemporary craft, fourth edition, comes to Chennai!
What is Craftepreneur?

‘Craftepreneur’ is not just a mint-new addition to word collectors dictionary, it represents the use by entrepreneurs of the amazingly diverse language and techniques of Indian crafts, wholly or in part, to fashion and create products for contemporary lifestyles and needs. Craftepreneur is a word coined by The Crafts Council of India, a reflection of its focus on mainstreaming handcrafts in everyday life.

A  ‘Craftepreneur’ is an entity who works with the techniques of Indian crafts and with craftspersons to fashion, embellish and express an array of products which are innovative and for today’s living. To this end, a host of traditional artisanal skills and techniques have been used by participants, working with traditional artisans to tell the story behind their products on view at ‘Craftepreneur’. They tell stories of classical-edgy-contemporary clothing, saris, accessories, furniture, decorative, jewellery, home accents and more. In each attractive, aesthetic, craft driven product is also woven by message of ecology, sustainability and revival of crafts and craft skills.

This years Edition:

The Crafts Council of India presents the 4th Edition of ‘Craftepreneur’ this October, showcasing the products created by 22 craftepreneurs drawn from textile, product and fashion designers to artists and craft artisans. Many of the products are breathtaking in concept, ingenuity of form and format. Like Boriya Basta’s cushion covers and handbags crafted out of the slit weave of KilimsIntricate opaque, motifs of clouds, and flying birds in ‘Threads of Winds’ textiles. Shefcoz’s Chanderi saris woven with the ‘Kirkila’ weave, ‘Padmajas’ quirky, humerous take in her clothing line, Studio Objectry’s value addition to Manipuri’s black pottery and Moradabad’s brass and much much more. A unique take on creativity and craft techniques which is the USP of ‘Craftepreneur’ products is expressed in a host of diverse saris and fabrics. Among them, ‘Aarohana’s’ waste plastic fabric woven on a loom, the use of algebraic lines and circles in woven fabric by ‘Shorshe’ and as well as the use of blocks, embroidery and craft value addition in innovative ways. 

The passion reflected in Craftepreneur products is the obsession of the 22 craftepreneurs to respect and nurture our ancient skills and integrate them into products which are at once sustainable and eco-friendly both in raw material and process. Above all, they showcase the work of the best young craftepreneurs in the field today.

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