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Craft Bazaar

“Crafts Bazaar 2020”, organised by The Crafts Council of India, celebrates the exploding colours, buzz and magic of diverse Indian crafts handcrafted by artisans from across India. Ancient craft skills from folk art to pottery, dhokraware, leather puppetry, grass mats to a world of handloom textiles, and much more offering an exhilarating shopping and browsing experience of unique home decor and  decorative products, rare  handcrafted textiles expressed both in contemporary frames or in pristine folk avatars. Behind their display sit the artisans in interaction with the customers gauging market tastes and trends and telling the fascinating stories behind each craft.

Crafts Bazaar 2020 resonates with the music of different crafts in 65 stalls: Gujarati camel copper bells with their tinkling music, along with that made by Odisha’s dhokra work bells, from Kerala come the eco-sensitive bamboo products carrying mural art paintings, while Odisha’s lyrical pattachitra paintings adorn lampshades, bottles, kettles and more.

Flaunting glittering zari work and embroidery are Haryana’s fancy ‘jutties’. Andhra’s leather puppetry artisan has created fantastic wall hangings depicting Ramayana and Krishna Lila in 35” square panels, along with intricately worked hanging and standing lamp shades. Kalamkari handcrafted and cotton dhurries from Andhra Pradesh, Sanjhi wall hangings, Jaipur’s Blue Art pottery, Sebai grass mats,  table runners and basketry from West Bengal and pottery products, also from West Bengal, are many of the eye catching crafts on display. And representative of the great craft wealth of the country at the Bazaar are textiles in all their fascinating weaves and embellishments. Venkatagiri, ikat, kantha, bandhini, Bagru, Bengal saris, block prints, Kanchi cotton, Ajrakh, Kashmiri crewel embroidery, Kotpad, block prints and tussar silks are on view at different stalls in a range of mind boggling variety.

At the Crafts Bazaar the maker meets directly with the market creating relationships so vital for craft connect and growth.

Don’t miss CCI’s stall EtoS – ‘Educate to Sustain’ is the CCI programme for the children of artisans. It helps them acquire an education and nurture their family’s precious craft skills. EtoS has 120 students in high school in three states, Tamil Nadu, Odisha and West Bengal. During after-school hours they are trained by CCI to manage the family craft business while practising the craft themselves. Periodic live reviews of the students’ craft skills are conducted to evaluate their abilities, aptitude and progress. The aim is always to ensure a balance between Education and Craft Sustenance. Samples of their work in progress of Patachitra, Paai and Odisha tribal jewelry is being showcased in Crafts Bazaar.


CCI’s Crafts Bazaar 2020 is on at Co-optex Grounds, No. 350, Pantheon Road, Egmore from 22 – 29  February, 202010 am to 7 pm on all days.

Do enjoy a bite from the delightful selection of food stalls while you browse!

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