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CCI’s National Meet 2017

Crafts and our Environment:  What does it take to go Green

February 25, Sanskriti, New Delhi

The Crafts Council of India’s National Meet this year is focussing on craft issues that impact the environment. The objective is to sensitize and prepare all councils to this dimension of craft management and its increasing importance in terms of strategies for sustainable production and marketing. There is universal concern about availability of natural materials, about the condition of our soil, water, air and about product safety.  This in turn has an impact on production processes, re-cycling, waste disposal and compliance requirements of consumers and governments.

Shri. Ashoke Chatterjee has raised these concerns in an article, “Weaving the Craft Economy” in the February 2017 issue of Down to Earth. CCI has invited experts who have been working in this area to flag these issues at the meet. The Crafts Council of India’s affiliated State and Regional council members and artisans will also be sharing their experiences.

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