Evolution and growth are essential to a vibrant industry. Traditional Indian crafts have lasted this far because of their intrinsic strength to adapt. Yet they face the threat of stagnation and irrelevance.

CCI has been working tirelessly in the areas of skill, technique and technology upgradation like the use of power tools for stone carvers, finishing techniques for wood carvers, natural dyes on natural fibers, product design for non-conventional fiber and shell jewelry.

CCI has organised several workshops to benefit artisans.

Marketing Support

CCI’s main thrust is providing marketing opportunities for artisans. CCI has emerged as a source of marketing expertise, rooted in a sensitive understanding of the past and the changing needs of consumers. The marketing support is provided through, training and demonstration of technology, design intervention, product development and diversification.

Small format thematic exhibitions and large format craft bazaars are the hallmark of CCI’s marketing intervention.

These activities have led to the emergence of the Kamala brand as a model of craft excellence and an effective platform for retailing artisanal work.